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Madman Anime Festival - September 3rd & 4th 2016 - Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Madman Anime Festival 2016

Madman Anime Festival is a celebration of anime and Japanese culture. Held on September 3rd and 4th, 2016 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Brought to you by Australia’s biggest name in anime, Madman Entertainment, together with Australia’s #1 anime streaming service AnimeLab. #MadFest

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// festival event highlights

Anime Spotlight: One-Punch Man

Panels, special events and experiences!

Shingo Natsume (Japan)

Featuring the director of ONE PUNCH MAN

Makoto Furukawa (Japan)

The voice actor of Saitama from ONE-PUNCH MAN!

Tokyo Ghoul Exhibition

Appearing for the first time ever in Australia!

Anime Spotlight: SWORD ART ONLINE

Featuring a special panel with our guests!

Tomohiko Ito (Japan)

The director of SWORD ART ONLINE!

Shingo Adachi (Japan)

The character designer for SWORD ART ONLINE!

Atsushi Kaneko (Japan)

Producer at A1 Pictures!


The home of the Australian Finals of the 2016 Bushiroad World Championship!

Sora Tokui (Japan)

Featuring the voice of Chloe Maxwell from LUCK & LOGIC!


It's time to party!

Cristina Vee (USA)

The voice actress of over 100 animation and video game characters!

Anime Spotlight: EVANGELION

A special discussion panel with our guests

Yuko Miyamura (Japan)

Meet the voice of Asuka Langley!

Tiffany Grant (USA)

The voice of many classic anime characters

Matt Greenfield (USA)

Meet the co-founder of ADV Films!


Everyone's favourite school idols are coming!

Mai Wish! Maid and Butler Café

Okaerinasai! - welcome home!

VIP Experience

Treat Yo Self

Madman National Cosplay Championship

MNCC like you've never seen it before!

Cosplay Star: Tomia (South Korea)

Her very first appearance in Australia!

Cosplay Star: Siera (AUS)

MNCC Champion 2013!

Cosplay Star: AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru) (AUS)

MNCC Champion 2010 & 2014!

Cosplay Photo Zones

Showcase your cosplay skills!

Voice Acting Workshop with Yuko Miyamura

Tips from the voice of Asuka Langley!

A Panel with Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield (USA)

Two influential figures in the anime industry!


Bringing Akihabara to you!

AnimeLab Arena

Exclusive premiere screenings!

2016 Bushiroad World Championship

The home of the Australian Finals!

Creators Zone

Showcase your artistic skills

Japanese Street Food

All of your favourite Japanese food under one roof

Akiba Shopping Zone

Bringing the best of Akihabara to you!

Madman Mega Booth

The biggest selection of anime in Australia!

Ichiban Kuji

Available in Australia for the first time!

Dagashi Shop

Tasty Japanese snacks!

Bandai Namco Games

A leading global publisher and developer of interactive content

Square Enix

A showcase of their best upcoming titles


Lots more to be announced!

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