Cosplay Masquerade

Show Off Your Cosplay!

Special Event
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The Madman Anime Festival Cosplay Masquerade is an amateur cosplay competition open to anyone who wants to show off their cosplay on stage, whether you just want to walk on or perform in front of an audience (pre-recorded original skit, lip-synching, dancing, acting, etc.). Awards will be given for best cosplay, best costume, best skit, best group, and judges choice.

The Brisbane Cosplay Masquerade will take place on Saturday, May 25.

Don’t delay registering! If pre-registration fills up, there will be no on-the-day sign-ups available.

For more information about the Madman Anime Festival Cosplay Masquerade, please email


  • Costumes can be purchased, commissioned, or handmade, however prizes for the ‘best costume’ award will only be awarded to those whose costume and props are at least 80% made or significantly modified from the source material.
  • All Masquerade entries must provide at registration a name / introduction to the performance / walk on that will be read aloud by the MC (maximum 50 words).
  • All Skit entries must be 2 minutes or less and all Walk-On entries must be 1 minute or less.
  • There will be no microphones on stage for contestants to use.
  • All audio for skit performance must be pre-recorded and provided at registration.
  • This is a family event so please keep all content PG-13.
  • Costumes that have previously won a costume specific category awards at other conventions can enter, however, will be ineligible for ‘best costume’ or ‘best cosplay’ awards.
  • All Props must abide to Madman Anime Festivals Weapon’s Policy
  • Any performances with stunts must receive approval from Madman Anime Festival before the event. Once you register your entry, please email
  • The use of open flame, flash powder, fireworks, lasers, etc. is prohibited as per the terms and conditions of the event
  • Any props used on stage must be able to be removed easily and must leave the stage in the same condition as it was before the prop was used.
  • The Masquerade will have a limit of 30* entries (*depending on length).
  • Each person may only participate in one entry.
  • Groups are limited to 10 members.
  • Each entry must provide the information/data requested at registration.
  • Online registration will close Sunday 19th May at midnight.
  • At con registration will be available only if entry spots are available.
  • Each contestant or group contact person must check in at the Cosplay Desk before the Masquerade. Location/times for the Cosplay Reg Desk will be given at a later date via the registered email.
  • Contestants must report to the marshaling point at the provided time/location. Times/locations will be given at a later date via the registered email.
  • As you may be asked questions on stage by the MC, please be prepared to talk about yourself, the character and your costume.
  • Please make sure to check the email that you have registered your entry with as information and updates will be sent out.
  • Prizes are eligible to be awarded if minimum 2 contestants are entered into the category.


  • Best Cosplay – awarded to the entry that has the best craftsmanship, became the character using makeup/wig skills and portrayed the character (i.e. knows the poses for the character).
  • Best Costume – best costume craftsmanship. Costume and props must be at least 80% made or significantly modified from the source material.
  • Best Skit – awarded to the best skit entry (if group entry award applicable)
  • Best Group – awarded to the best group entry (if group entry award applicable).
  • Judges Choice – based on whatever criteria the judges choose.