Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Ⅱ.lost butterfly Australian Premiere

The girl's hopes silently fester and fade away...

We are very excited to announce that the new Fate/stay night film will be premiering at the inaugural Madman Anime Festival Sydney 2019.

Shirou Emiya has been fighting as a Master in the Holy Grail war, but gets injured and loses his Servant, Saber. With his firm decision to protect Sakura Matou, he refuses to leave the battle. While Sakura worries about Shirou, she also gets entangled in her own fate as a mage.

He decided he wouldn’t betray her. However, their fervent wishes are about to be crushed by the black shadow soon…

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE II. lost butterfly is the latest installment of the beloved series from the creators of the wildly popular Fate franchise that gave anime fans Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works], Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha, and the hit mobile game, Fate/Grand Order.

Screening details:


Sat 16 March 2019 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm AEDT

ICC Sydney
Animelab Arena (Pyrmont Theatre)
14 Darling DriveSydney, NSW 2000

Tickets are available now.

**Please note that VIP ticket holders will receive a code via email to redeem their tickets to screenings.


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