Good Smile Exclusives

Exclusive items and more!

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The Good Smile Company are delivering the goods! We are happy to announce that there will a range of general and Wonder Fest exclusives available for purchase at Madman Anime Festival Brisbane!

The range of figmas and Nenoroids include:

General Exclusives

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2017 Ver – $89.99 AUD

Nendoroid Jiraiya & Gamabunta Set – $99.99 AUD

Wonder Fest Exclusives

figma Snow Miku Snow Princess  Ver – $109.99 AUD

Nenoroid Snow Miku: Snow Princess Ver. – $109.99 AUD

figma Groom Noir Ver. – $89.99 AUD

figma Bride Noir Ver. – $89.99

Nendoroid Saver/Arthur Pendragon (Prototype): Costume Dress- White Rose Ver – $89.99 AUD


Get in quick and you’ll be able to snap up one of the handful of remaining exclusives from last year’s MadFest events!