Human Lost Australian premiere

Mine has been a life of much shame

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Not all is lost! We have another Australian premiere heading to MadFest Melbourne! From the creators of Psycho-Pass and Afro Samurai brings you HUMAN LOST, a new sci-fi, cyberpunk film that will blow your mind!

See the film months before its national release.

Screening Details:
Sunday 15th of September
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Plenary Theatre
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

It’s 2036, and major breakthroughs in medical science have dramatically altered Japanese society. Nanomachines, linked to the SHELL system, defend and repair the body, ensure lifespans of well over a century. The privileged few enjoy the comfort and clean air of the Inside, their protective habitat, while the Outsiders, the luckless masses, contend with terrible pollution, overwork, and the consequences of disconnection from SHELL — the nightmarish transformation of the Lost. Youzou, an edgy young artist gripped by anomie and unsettling visions, can’t even kill himself — one phone call and the SHELL system revives him by remote control. With that option off the table, what’s left to do but join his rambunctious pal Takeichi and his cyborg biker gang on a daring raid to breach the defenses of the Inside? From the conflagration of the attack, however, shocking new truths emerge…

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