Ichiban Kuji

Japan's #1 Prize Game - No Losing Tickets!

A Madman Anime Festival favourite is returning to Melbourne – Ichiban Kuji! A popular pastime in Japan, Ichiban Kuji is a super fun way to buy merchandise and collectables from your favourite movies, shows and games!

In Melbourne this year, we’ll have hot new kits from ONE PIECE, SWORD ART ONLINE and THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS A SLIME, plus many more!


How does Ichiban Kuji work? It’s simple! Check out our handy guide below.

1. Buy a ticket from a set – or multiple if you like!
2. Peel open the ticket(s).
3. Check the letter against the items on the poster or list.
4. Exchange the ticket for the item!

The best thing about Ichiban Kuji is that everyone who plays, wins! And, if you buy the last ticket, you also get the Last One Prize – an additional one-off item that is often ultra-rare and highly sought-after by collectors!

Don’t delay, play Ichiban Kuji today

Kits available at Anime Festival 2020 – Sydney:

  • One Piece All Star
  • Kirby Hat Studio
  • RE:Zero – Starting Life in Another World – Snow White Life Ver
  • Dragon Ball – Super Saiyan Battle
  • One Piece – Wano Country – First Act
  • Dragon Ball – The Greatest Saiyan
  • Sword Art Online – The 10th Anniversary Party!
  • Dragon Ball Z – Extreme Saiyan
  • Kirby Cloudy Candy
  • My Hero Academia: Fighting Heroes Feat. One’s Justice
  • One Piece – Professionals
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

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