MadFest Token Guide

Meet all you favourite Voice Actors!


MadFest Melbourne will use an online reservation system to distribute access tokens for guest signing sessions in advance of the event.  Our goal is to ensure that VIPs and enthusiastic fans have the best possible chance to meet our guests and to ensure that all fans’ time spent at MadFest is not wasted in long queues, so you can enjoy everything MadFest has to offer!

There will be three ways to obtain tokens, in order of release date and subject to availability these are – VIP Early Access Tokens, Paid Fan Access Tokens or Free Fan Access Tokens.

VIP Early Access Tokens
Release Date:  9am Wednesday, 26 February

A special code will be issued via email to those holding Anime Festival VIP tickets.

VIP Tickets holders will have an exclusive window to reserve tokens.  After this time tokens are subject to availability.

Signing and Photo sessions are free for attendees with an Anime Festival VIP ticket (selected guests).

Each VIP ticket holder may only select one session per guest.  Tokens are not transferable.

Paid Fan Access/ Fan Packs
Release Date:  9am Friday, 28 February

Regular Anime Festival ticket holders will be able to purchase Guest Tokens and Fan Packs, guaranteeing access to select Guest signing sessions.

Details and pricing will be available at the time they go on sale.

Free Tier Tokens
Release Date:  8am, Sat & Sun 7-8 March

Any remaining undistributed tokens for guest signing sessions will be released free on each morning of the festival.  Free tokens do not include any special items – only the signing card for each guest. Photo tokens are not included.

All tokens must be reserved online.  Tokens will not be available at the venue.

Procedures at the event

On the day of the event please arrive at your autograph session no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the session and no later than the start time of the session. Attendees who arrive late may not be able to attend the session. If you are attending a clashing session, concessions will be given to ensure you are able to attend both.

Please ask an area volunteer for the correct line for your session and have your Eventbrite QR code (Access Token) ready on your phone or a printout. If your token is on your phone, please ensure that you have your phone brightness set to maximum. Your token will be scanned and checked by a staff member.

You may be asked for photo ID by staff or volunteers upon scanning of your token to verify your identity. Autograph session passes are not transferable.

Any special items purchased as part of your Access Token will be presented to you before you leave the signing area.

Procedure for Japanese Guests

You will be directed by a volunteer when it is your turn to receive your autograph. If you have something to say to the guest please feel free to do so, there will be a Japanese translator on hand to convey your message to the guest.

Gifts for guests can be dropped off at the gift box booth in the Guest Signing Area. The box will be moved to the front of the line during the signing sessions. Please only hand gifts to staff and not directly to the guests. Anime Festival staff will ensure that the guests receive your gift.

No photos or recording of any kind will be allowed in the Guest Signing Area. You will be asked to delete any recordings made by event staff.

Fans that do not comply with these rules may be escorted from the venue.


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