Ichiban Kuji

Exclusive prizes from Japan - everybody wins!

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A Madman Anime Festival favourite is coming back to Melbourne: Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji merchandise range will be available to purchase at MadFest!

The following sets (plus many more) will be available at MadFest Melbourne:

Love Live! Sunshine!! 3rd

One Piece Extra Closet

One Piece Whole Cake Island

Sword Art Online – Ordinal Scale

How does Ichiban Kuji work? It’s simple. You buy a ticket from a set – multiple if you like – and exchange the ticket for the item with the corresponding letter. So everyone who buys a ticket, receives an item! But will your ticket, or tickets get you the treasured “A” item or even the unique “Last One” item in each set? You’ll have to secure an Ichiban Kuji ticket to find out!