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Can I buy a ticket on the day? Will they be more expensive?

Yes, you can purchase tickets at the event however they will be slightly more expensive than online. Ticket sales on the day are subject to availability so we highly recommend pre-purchasing via the website to avoid delays at the event and ensuring your place at the festival!

How do I collect my tickets?

If you purchase via the website, your order confirmation will be emailed with a PDF attachment containing your Barcoded eTicket/s or sent electronically to your phone. You will need to either print the attachment and bring with you to the event, or, ensure you can display the Barcoded eTicket attachment on a smartphone.

The name on my ticket isn’t the same as the person attending. Is this ok?

Yes, however we recommend that tickets are ordered under the name of the person attending. You can update the name and email of each attendee when purchasing your tickets.

I can’t find my ticket!!???!!

All tickets will be emailed to the address used when creating your account. You can log back in to your account at any time and re-send your ticket.

I want to change the type of ticket I’ve purchased, is that possible?

Unfortunately, no. Please ensure you select the correct ticket type at the time of purchase.

I bought a ticket but it was never sent to me. Help!

All tickets will be emailed to the address used during the purchase process. If you have not received it, please check your junk and spam folders in case it was directed there. Just enter your email address here. You can also log into the Eventbrite app or reference the Tickets page within your account. If you think you typo'd your email address, you can check here.

If I buy a VIP ticket can my child (10 years and under) get in for free with the same VIP perks?

Your child will be provided an equivalent ticket for access to the event, however they will not receive the VIP merch pack. In addition to this, children attending with VIP’s will also need to purchase individual tickets to any special screenings.

Can I refund my ticket?

All tickets purchased are non-refundable or non-transferable. This means we are unable to process refunds on tickets. Tickets must be treated like cash, if they are lost or stolen we cannot issue a refund.

Are there any concession prices on tickets?

No, however children aged 10 and under as well as carers with approved companion cards will be admitted free of charge with an equivalent ticket purchase. Please note, if you are the carer of one of our VIP ticket holders, you will only be given comparable access and are not applicable to receive VIP bags or autograph tokens.

I’m under 13, and want to go to the festival with my older sister/brother/cousin. They’re not 18 yet, but they’re super responsible! Can they be my guardian?

Kids under the age of 13 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (older siblings or cousins under the age of 18 years are not acceptable guardians). It is the responsibility of the legal parent or guardian to ensure their child are safe and supervised at all times.

Can I take photos and videos of guests?

This will be at the discretion of the guest and the guest’s management, but is generally not allowed unless the guest is hosting a specific photo session.

Do you accept Carer’s Cards and Companion Cards?

Yes. Carer’s with approved companion cards will be admitted free of charge with an equivalent ticket purchase. Carers must produce the relevant Carer's card when redeeming ticket. Please note, if you are the carer of one of our VIP ticket holders, you will only be given comparable access and are not applicable to receive VIP bags or autograph tokens.

Is there a cloak room?

Unfortunately, there is no cloak room available on site.

Once I buy my ticket do I have to pay to do anything in the festival?

Once you have an event ticket you gain access to all events, panels and guest appearances in AnimeLab Arena and the Expo Hall. The Maid Café and Special Event screenings will require separate payment.

I applied for a media pass but never received one. What’s the deal?

Thank you for your request. Due to the limited availability of our guests and talent over the course of the festival, unfortunately we can’t provide media passes to everyone who applies.

Can we travel between the Expo Hall and AnimeLab Arena at any given time?

Yes! Once you have your wristband, you are free to attend both the theatre and exhibition hall at your leisure. Some theatre panels may insist on closed doors to avoid disruptions, so be sure to get to each panel in time!

Can I bring a prop weapon as part of my cosplay?

Maybe! Please read our weapons policy for more information.

Do I need to bring ID? What if I don’t have ID?

All attendees must be able to prove their identity and age or be with a parent or legal guardian who can. Without applicable ID, you may not be able to enter the festival.

I’m interested in performing at the festival. Who do I contact?

Please check the website and register via the community performance application link.

Can I bring my own item for guests to sign?

You are welcome to bring your own items; however, we cannot guarantee that guests will sign them. This will differ on the day for each guest and their management. Japanese guests will only sign official merchandise, not fan art or other items of this nature. Guests will sign a maximum of 1 item per signing session.

What happens with lost property at the festival?

All lost property will be handed to the information booth. If you lose an item, please head there and advise so that we can record your details if an item is handed in. You will need to produce sufficient evidence that the item is yours prior to it being returned.

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