Guest Autographs and Photos at MadFest

Everything you need to know about autographs and photos

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Meet and Greet policy varies for each guest and session.


Please note that photos with and of guests are not allowed during their dedicated autograph sessions. 

Guests will be participating in  autograph sessions throughout the weekend. These autograph sessions are only for a limited amount of time, so to ensure your autograph please line up at the autograph area at or before the allocated time. Autograph times are published a couple of weeks before each festival.

All attendees are welcome to bring your own items; however, we cannot guarantee that guests will sign them. This will differ on the day for each guest and their management, however as a rule:

  • English-speaking guests are usually happy to sign most items so long as they are not bootleg.
  • Japanese-speaking guests will only sign official merchandise. This means they will not sign fan art or other such items. In some instances, they will only sign an official postcard that will be provided for free.

Guests will sign a maximum of 1 item per person at each signing session in order to give everyone a fair chance to meet and greet guests.


Some guests will also have photo sessions! We will let you know which guests will have these sessions available a couple of weeks before each festival via social media and our schedule page.