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Everything you need to know to get your autographs

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All autograph sessions at Madman Anime Festival are free! To get your autograph, all you need to do is collect an autograph token for the guest(s) you’re interested in at the beginning of each day. That means you’re guaranteed an autograph when you line up for each autograph session.

Autograph tokens will be available at the autograph area in the Expo Hall. There will be very limited quantities available for some guests, so we recommend going there at the start of the day when the doors open at 10am to secure your autograph and avoid missing out. Please note you will only be able to collect tokens for the day you are attending (e.g. you will not be able to collect a token for a Sunday autograph session on Saturday morning).

To make sure it’s fair for everyone, each person may only collect one autograph token at a time. If you wish to receive another autograph token for a different session, you will need to line up again.

Important information for VIP ticket holders: VIP ticket holders will have first access to the Expo Hall at 9:30am. VIP ticket holders will be able to collect 3 autograph tokens at once, however, you will not be able to receive more than one autograph token per guest per day.

All attendees are welcome to bring your own items; however, we cannot guarantee that guests will sign them. This will differ on the day for each guest and their management. Guests will sign a maximum of 1 item per person at each signing session in order to give everyone a fair chance to meet and greet guests.

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