Aina Aiba

BanG Dream! Special Guest

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Aina Aiba, the voice of Yukina Minato (the vocalist of Roselia), will be making a special appearance at Madman Anime Festival Melbourne!

Born in Osaka, her hobbies are watching pro-wrestling and horse-racing. She began activities as a voice actress in 2016. She holds a unique history of having been a female pro-wrestler previously.

Starting February 2017, she took on the role of leader and vocalist of the band unit “Roselia” within the “BanG Dream!” project. The band quickly rose to fame, with their first album “Anfang” hitting #1 on the Oricon weekly digital album rankings upon release.

“BanG Dream!” is a next generation girls band project, a mixed media franchise consisting of elements such as animation, comics, original songs and live performances where the voice actresses perform on the same instruments as their characters. Furthermore, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, a mega-hit smartphone game that had its English version launched in April 2018, is centered around the world of “BanG Dream!” characters.


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