Akari Kito

Japanese Voice Actor

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Please give a warm welcome to Japanese Voice Actress Akari Kito who will be attending her very first Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne 2019!

Born 16 October, Aichi.
She is affiliated with Pro-Fit Inc. Some of her roles include:

“In/Spectre” – Kotoko Iwanaga
“Blend S” – Kaho Hinata
“Record of Grancrest War” – Siluca Meletes
“Time Bokan 24” – Calen
“Love Live! School idol festival: PERFECT Dream Project” – Kanata Konoe

We can’t wait to see Kito-san in Melbourne alongside Demon Slayer co-star Natsuki Hanae!

Details about Kito-san’s full appearance will be updated closer to the event.