Please give a warm welcome to Anthony, our Madman Anime Festival Cosplay Ambassador for Fate/Grand Order in Melbourne!

You’ll be able to catch Anthony at all the Fate-related events happening over the weekend. He’ll have plenty of goodies to giveaway, such as command seal tattoos and posters!

Anthony started cosplaying five years ago in his home town of Brisbane. His fascination with anime and Japanese culture started from an early age, as Japanese was offered as a subject at his primary school. This sparked his interest in the culture due to their rich traditions and practices.

Anthony admits that he’s been hooked on the craft ever since his first time cosplaying. Since then, he’s continued to create many great costumes and props, as well as testing new techniques and various materials to perfect this art form.

Three years ago, Anthony won a cosplay competition and was invited to Sydney by a gaming company as a cosplay representative for a special event. He was also invited to an event in the Philippines last year, which involved the organisers taking him to different historical locations around the country for cosplay photoshoots.

Anthony is honoured to be invited to the Madman Festival and looks forward to seeing you all there.

Photographer Credit: Eyestrain Photoworks

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