Arisa Uki


Arisa Uki is a Japanese Idol who has received a great deal of attention outside of the Idol world because of their Unique Title of a “Hunting Nutritionist Idol!”.

Arisa Uki is a self-produced, self-managed Idol who performs lives throughout Japan!! Top Ranking on the popular Japanese Idol Streaming Site, SHOWROOM, she also spends her time producing Idol Groups, Writing lyrics, and Organising Events!

In November 2019 she landed in Sydney for the first time and Did a two-man live show with the local group, AGS102.

Birthday : June 20
Height : 142cm
From : Kumamoto, Japan
Color : Pink

Currently a member of:

  • Curuto
  • Gachikoi♡POISON
  • Secretaccount
  • Otomamu K Lodi

Arisa Uki will be performing on stage throughout the weekend, and also appear at specific times each day at the Performance Area Guest Booth on Saturday and Sunday.

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