Keik Nyan

Cosplay Ambassador (Fate/Grand Order)

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Please give a warm welcome to Keik Nyan, our Madman Anime Festival Cosplay Ambassador for Fate/Grand Order in Melbourne!

You’ll be able to catch Keik at all the Fate-related events happening over the weekend. She’ll also have plenty of  goodies to giveaway, such as command seal tattoos and posters!

Originating from Hong Kong, Brisbane-based cosplayer Keik Nyan’s costumes have been infused with Asian Pop Culture since 2012. She absolutely loves cosplaying anything within this genre – from the latest anime series to the most popular games.

“Cosplay is acting”

Not only does Keik aim to deliver the highest quality cosplay with her hand-crafted costumes, she also really enjoys portraying the unique personality of each character. Another love of hers is to photograph other cosplayers because she has the ability to become a storyteller behind the camera.

“It is a tiring hobby, as you are always learning.”

Always seeking to further her crafting skills, Keik strives to perfect any technique that will help her to replicate a costume as accurate as possible, whether that’s sewing, styling, armour crafting or animatronic coding.

“You’re stepping into the world, but you’re also representing your community.”

Keik has attended many local and international conventions, but one of her favourite things about them is the new friendships she builds with fellow cosplayers and photographers, as she loves sharing experiences with them.

Please come to chat with Keik at Madman Anime Festival – she is very excited to meet you all and hopes that we all have a good time together!

Photographer Credit: Creed Photography

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