Ladybeard (Japan)


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Get ready for an appearance of the kawaii kind! Madman Anime Festival is thrilled to announce that wrestling, singing and performing superstar Ladybeard is coming to MadFest Melbourne!

Ladybeard is the super cute force of Australian performance destruction who has taken Japan, and the world, by storm.Pro-wrestler (DDT Pro-wrestling), actor, voice actor, stuntman, heavy metal screamer, cuteseycute J-pop singer and speaker of 5 languages (English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, German), Ladybeard is an international idol and global sensation unlike any other.

Having trained in performance arts from a young age and being a consummate martial artist all through high school and University (Flinders University of South Australia Drama Centre), Ladybeard lived in Hong Kong from 2006 to 2012, working as an actor, voice actor and stuntman.

His voice acting reel features the English voices of many characters from beloved Japanese and Chinese anime series, including roles in “Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro”, “Chibi Maruko”, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” plus many more. Ladybeard also performed in the feature films “Flashpoint”, “Deep Gold” (in the Philippines) and “The Fortune Buddies” amongst others.

Ladybeard moved his (her?) base of operations to Tokyo late in 2013, from where his global performance activities are currently based. With a striking image that is hard to forget, Ladybeard’s performances are super high energy and super high impact. He is often referred to as “One who gives others energy” and “strange but also cute”.

Ladybeard has not only performed in his own shows but has also been hired by various companies and institutions to advertise and PR their products. He has even been given promotional roles in the public sector, being featured in city council events, vocational school promotional campaigns and Japan tourism videos.

From March 2015 to August 2016 Ladybeard was the frontman of the hugely globally idol group Ladybaby, whose debut single “Nippon Manju” was viewed over 10 million times on YouTube in the space of 4 months. After leaving that group in 2016, Ladybeard began the world`s physically strongest idol group, DEADLIFT LOLITA, teaming up with bodybuilding idol Reika Saiki in March 2017.

Upon announcement of the group’s formation, offers of international appearances flooded in, and DEADLIFT LOLITA will spend 2017 performing all around the world. Ladybeard is also a force to be reckoned with in China, where his fans number in the millions and where he makes frequent appearances. His fortnightly Chinese web broadcast, produced by his global media partners and international management agency, Fly Media, has an average of 500,000 viewers every fortnight in China.


Sing… Dance… DESTROY!!

Ladybeard will be taking part in a Q&A panel, a special performance on Sunday, as well as meet and greet and signings throughout the weekend.