Natsuki Hanae


We are thrilled to welcome Japanese Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro in Demon Slayer) to Madman Anime Festival Melbourne! He will be appearing at a Demon Slayer Special Event at the Uniqlo Stage and also participate in a signing session alongside Akari Kito (Nezuko) on Saturday.

Debut in 2011 as a voice actor. Some of his major roles include:

“Tokyo Ghoul” – Ken Kaneki
“Digimon Adventure tri.” – Taichi Yagami
“Dragon Ball Super” – Jaco
“Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card” – Yuna D. Kaito
“League of Legends” – Ziggs

We can’t wait to see Hanae-san in Melbourne alongside Demon Slayer co-star Akari Kito!

Please note due to work commitments in Japan, Natsuki Hanae will only be appearing at MadFest Melbourne on Saturday, September 14. only. Card, but will not be present on the day. The signing will continue with Akari Kito.

Demon Slayer Special Event World Premiere: Episode 24 and Talk Show – 1:20pm – Uniqlo Stage
Demon Slayer Signing Session (SOLD OUT) – 4:30pm Saturday

Natsuki Hanae & Akari Kito Tokens

VIP Early Reserve from September 2nd

Saturday: Meet all guests and guaranteed signatures on Demon Slayer art card (no customization)

Sunday: Hanae pre-signed Demon Slayer art card. Akari Kito will be live-signing (no customization).

Fan Pack from September 4th

Regular MadFest ticket holders will be able to purchase a Demon Slayer Fan Pack for $50.

Available Packs:

Saturday: Live signing of Natsuki Hanae & Akari Kito (no customization) PLUS 12-month AnimeLab subscription Card

Sunday: Natsuki Hanae pre-signed Demon Slayer art card. Akari Kito will be live-signing (no customization). PLUS 12-month AnimeLab subscription Card

Free Tier from 8am September 14 and 15th

Any remaining undistributed tokens for the Demon Slayer guests will be released on each morning of the festival. Free tokens do not include any special items, only the signing card.

Please note, guest will only sign on the provided Demon Slayer art card. Please do not bring your own item to sign.

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