Pugoffka (Ukraine)

We’re very excited to welcome the incredibly talented Pugoffka to Madman Anime Festival Melbourne! This will be her first time appearing as a guest in Australia and she’s very excited to meet everyone.

Internationally renowned for her outstanding cosplay photography and wonderful cosplay outfits, Pugoffka has done more than 800 photo shoots with cosplayers from around the world!

Hailing from Ukraine, Pugoffka first started her photography career in 2009. While following her passion for photography, she became interested in developing her sewing skills and started creating her own costumes.

Having gained experience not only behind, but also in front of the camera, she often holds cosplay photography workshops at the conventions she attends. She loves sharing the experiences she’s gained over the years with other people and hopes that it will help them on their own photography journey.

Don’t miss Pugoffka at MadFest, where she will be hosting a ‘special effects for cosplay shooting’ panel on Saturday, as well as judging some of our cosplay competitions and attending some of our exciting cosplay fan meets!

Pugoffka’s recent guest appearances!


  • Judge,special guest Otaku Festival 2014 (Bucharest, Romania)
  • Judge OTOBE 2014 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Special guest JapanWeekendMadrid 2014 (Madrid,Spain)
  • Special guest Otaku Festival 2015 (Bucharest, Romania)
  • Judge,special guest WuCaoCarnival 2015 (Weifang, China)
  • Judge Anicon 2015 (Ukraine,Lviv)
  • Special guest, photographer Fotocon 2015 (Wlen, Poland)
  • Judge FreeTimeFest 2015 (Gomel, Belarus’)
  • Judge OTOBE 2015 (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Photo exibition Kyiv Comic Con
  • Judge,special guest GamePlan 2015 (Kuala-Lumpur,Malaysia)
  • Judge,special guest PlayIT 2015 (Budapest,Hungary)


  • WCS Mexico judge,special guest, workshop TNT GT10 2016 (Mexico city,México)
  • Special guest, workshop JapAniManga Night 2016 (Davos, Switzerland)
  • Special guest, photographer Fotocon 2016 (Wlen, Poland)
  • Special guest, workshop Mondocon 2016 (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Special guest, workshop Aniventure 2016 (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Special guest, workshop STGCC 2016 (Singapore)
  • Special guest ACCF 2016 (Chongqing, China)
  • Special guest, workshop Gigacon 2016 (Oslo, Norway)
  • Judge OTOBE 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine)


  • Exhibition Anime Matsuri 2017 ( Houston, Texas USA) 8-9 April
  • Judge Kyiv Comic Con 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) 6-7 May
  • Judge VideoZhara 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) 21-22 May
  • Special guest, photographer JapanimangaNight (Davos,Switzerland) 27-28 May
  • Special guest AnimeS Expo 2017 (Sofia, Bulgaria) 24-25 June
  • Special guest Made In Japan 2017 (Vienna, Austria) 1-2 July
  • Special guest C2AGE 2017 (Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Special guest Unicon Latvian ComicCon 2017 (Riga,Latvia) 5-6 August
  • Special guest Fotocon (Wlen,Poland) 2017 11-13 August
  • Special guest, judge, workshop NowJapan 2017 (Vilnius, Lithuania) 9-10 September
  • Judge OTOBE 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) 7-8 October
  • Special guest, judge, workshop IndonesiaComicCon (Jakarta, Indonesia) 28-29 October
  • Special guest, judge AsiaFest 25-26 (Bucharest, Romania) November


  • Special guest, photographer UplayPisa (Pisa, Italy)
  • Judge АльМор (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Special guest, judge AnimeMatsuri (Houston, USA)
  • Judge Kyiv Comic Con 2018 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Follow the latest updates from Pugoffka on her social media channels!

Pugoffka Meet & Greet

SATURDAY (September 15) at 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM
SUNDAY (September 16) at 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM

Pugoffka will be signing photos from her shop, as well as the Madman Anime Festival autograph card. You can purchase Pugoffka’s photos at her booth (G4), in front of the Autograph Area.

No session pass is needed to join in – it will be a first served basis and VIPs will have a dedicated queue.

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